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Continuation and Clarification (of the previous post)

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Guri Eggan

The Israeli Wall, not far from Ramallah. Foto: Guri Eggan

I realize now how much Norwegian I actually do read, because when I was looking for something to clarify my last post the only thing I could find was in Norwegian. This is taken from the Norwegian author and journalist Odd Karsten Tveit’s book Krig & Diplomati, Oslo – Jerusalem 1978-96. So once again – and I do not hide the fact that this will not be the last time – I choose to translate a paragraph from Norwegian to English. This is from an interview with Arafat the July 17th 1979, and he probably said it in English, it was translated into Norwegian, and now I translate it back to English again. It is therefore not an entirely correct quote, but I believe the core of what he said and meant is represented at least.

“The Palestinian people are robbed of their own state. The Palestinians are stateless. They do not have passport and need to get their identities from other countries. The Palestinian battle is not just an armed fight, but also a fight for social development and human rights. The so called peace process started by Israel and Egypt cannot lead to peace. It ignores the rights of the Palestinians. It forgets that we also have rights to equality. We cannot be an item of administration in a puppet state. (…) Israel has ignored UN’s resolutions regarding Palestine since 1948 (…) and this can no longer be tolerated. The work that Sadat and Begin [Egyptian President and Israeli Prime Minister at that time] have started cannot be just. Behind Israel stands USA and USA doesn’t wish for peace in Lebanon. (…) I have sympathy for the Jews sufferings under Hitler inhuman tyranny, (…) but today it is the Israelites that act as the ruling people. Why cannot you have sympathy for the Palestinian refugees, which are robbed from their homes and their land and forced into refugee camps without a future. In an existence like that the people have nothing to loose but a life in humiliation. Is it strange that their despair is expressed in such desperate measures?” (Odd Karsten Tveit, Krig & Diplomati – Oslo – Jerusalem 1978-96, Aschehoug (2006), pages 35-37)

Israeli soldier in Palestinian market place

Israeli soldier in a Palestinian market place. Foto: Guri Eggan

I know that this is a disputed conflict, with many interests and many different opinions. I have myself almost been beaten up because I support Palestine – the only reason I wasn’t was because I told them I was gay, which I am not, and that worked for some unexplainable reason. This conflict, as any other conflict, has many sides to it and I do not for one moment claim that the Palestinians and PLO are guilt free in this conflict. I condemn all attacks on Israelite civilians as much as I do against Palestinian or Lebanese civilians. But the most important factor that makes me a supporter of the Palestinian cause is that Israel has occupied areas illegally, treat the Arabs, in many cases, in the same manner as Hitler treated the Jews, and is ruled by a near-fascistic ideology – Zionism. The actions of the state Israel is unacceptable. I have nothing against the avrange Jew, in or outside Israel, on a personal level, but the state Israel with its immoral and twisted ideology and horrendous war crimes sickens me. Still I wish for the state Israel to continue to exist, but with a seperate state for the Palestinians. I am pro Israel state existance, pro Palestinian state existance and pro Palestinian freedom fight.

Further clarifications will undoubtedly be posted. And needed.


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September 22, 2008 at 11:29

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