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Palin – A Bad Joke?

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Not long ago I didn’t know who Palin was, and I still don’t have much knowledge around her as it is, but I’ve checked around now for some interviews and such, and… she frightens me! It seems it is pretty popular to point out how stupid she is at the moment, and regretfully I will do the same.

I decided to write this post when drinking together with some friends of me. They are not particularily interested in politics, but we began talking about McCain and the Presedential election in the USA. So I showed them some movies with interviews of Sarah Palin. They were speachless. They didn’t know who Biden or Palin was, they didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was, but they just knew that this was wrong! They actually became interested!

I really like Charles Gibson’s interview with Sarah Palin, because he actually tries to go indepth when she can’t answer questions, like the above link about the Bush Doctrine. Another good interview is Katie Couric’s. Look how afraid Palin is.

Now, It might just be me, but personally I think most politicians and policies in the USA is too right-wing. This woman is not just too right-wing, shes crazy right-wing! That alone is scary enough for me to not like her, but even more scary is her… intellect, if you could call it that. She’s dumb. Plain dumb. They’ve hidden her away for a long time, hopefully trying to teach her how the world actually works. She plainly haven’t learned anything. But even if shes stupid and too right-wing, the most confusing factor when you question why shes a VP-candidate, is that she can’t talk. Her retorics is simply bad. How does a political party choose a politician that can’t speak? 

This woman is like a bad joke, I just got to shake my head and laugh, but I haven’t really realized what kind of consequenses she will have on our world. He could become president for God’s sake, McCain being 72 years old and everything. Imagine the horror…

Going outside of the US, while still being writing about the US presidential election, I wanted to post a video about Israel’s possibility to affect the US presidential elections by executing what the Mosaic News calls “Israel’s October Surprise“. The idea is that if Israel attacks Iran, claiming it is still building up its nuclear capabilities, this will affect the US voters to want a war-president, rather than a peace-president. McCain is the war president. If Israel attacks yet another nation illegaly, even without the immediate support of the US, the US will be obligated to help in their attack, directing voter’s attention towards war, rather than economy. Israel wants McCain, not Obana. McCain is more supportive of Israel than Obama is. It’s shocking how a nation with such an “international criminal record” can tip the world towards even greater disaster.

[Trivial info: It was supposedly rapported in Mossad that before President Carter left The White House he said “If I ever get back into The White House, I’m going to get those jews!” (Odd Karsten Tveit, Krig & Diplomati – Oslo – Jerusalem 1978-96, Aschehoug (2006), page 52)]

Now, even If this is scary and highly important, look at what we are missing of world news because we are offering so much time looking at the Presidential elections. It’s kind of sad really.


Written by Aslak

September 28, 2008 at 23:18

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