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A Scenario Evolving Around Computer Technology – Playing with Ideas

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Eye Implant

Eye Implant

Scientists are well on their way to devolop a new eye techonology for people without eyes. A 15 pixel eye implant which apparantly works on pigs will be tested out on humans in 2010 according to they’re plans. They believe they will manage to somehow convert the picture information to a “format” that the brain can process soon and will hopefully upgrade the pixels quite fast (imagine seeing the world in Super Mario vision).

If you look away from the fact that people without eyes will go around looking like the Terminator, this is still extremely fascinating! When you finally have a “video format”, or whatever you’d call it, that the brain can interpret directly, the technology of actually logging on to your computer screen directly shouldn’t be far away. Instead of looking at your horridly boring, square screen, you can now be in a real 3D environment, looking around, just like a sci-fi movie. If we manage to “catch” one of our senses, the others shouldn’t be far away. Eventually you’d be able to feel, smell, hear, taste and see in Virtual Reality! Imagine playing Half Life, World of Warcraft or EVE Online with real sensory input!

This will eventually evolve, just like technology always evolves, untill you no longer can see much difference between Virtual Reality (VR) and Real Life (RL). To say it like this, it would become (virtual) REALITY.

If you have a sensory input that is as real in VR as RL, which you at the same time can adjust (it being virtual), you’ll most likely end up with some big problems. First of all you’d get people addicted to this. People are already getting addicted to computer games like WoW, imagine it being 100 times more addictive, 100 more real. Imagine that in the end the difference between VR and RL is so difficult to identify that they simply float together. Or even that VR in the end can seem more real than RL.

Secondly, if you see how Internet is used, you’ll find that more than half of the content on Internet is porn. Many believe that the discussion DvD vs. Blue-ray was solved by the porn industry, if they use DvD, DvD wins, if they use Blue-ray, Blue-ray wins. Thats how VHS won. I don’t think its difficult to see where I’m going here… In this scenario you can actually have sex with people (or bots for that sake) and it feels real. Not only can you have sex with them but you can actually change your “avatar” to someone else. “Hey, today I want to have sex while I look like Brad Pitt, I want my parter to be Angelina Jolie”, while your parter can of course use a whole different skin, without to much problem. Or, what if you change your own sex? Because even if your RL-body doesn’t know how having sex like the opposite sex is like, your computer might be able to simulate it, so that your VR-body knows it!

Lastly: Drugs. Now, we all know that human beings apparantly have problems with not taking drugs and alcohol. Finally you have the oppertunity to do it in VR instead of RL. You can mix everything. Let’s say you want a cocktail with virtual heroin, LSD, crack and psilocybe mushrooms, who’s to stop you. Or you can even simply make a “virus” or Virtual Drug to inject youself with, making a whole new experience, because you can design it in a whole different way.

Now, if this happends, and a huge part of me really want it to happen because I find it thrillingly exiting, we’re doomed. I can imagine some people will resist, but the majority of people will open up to the idea of free sex, free drugs and lives where you’re a god. A life where “sky’s the limit” is too limited. We’ll end up as computerdrones, acting on animalistic instincts, constantly searching for the ultimate everything. Our RL will slowly diminish to something that isn’t.

I just hope we have farming robots that can inject us with liquid food by the time we get this type of technology. By the way: this is one of the few reasons I want to stop smoking, I want to experience this.

Now, this is just a scenario from an amateur, but it is quite fun to think about though…

[Update: I found this TED video about video games. It explaines some of what I am trying to say. A must see if you are interested in video games and the future of computer interaction]


Written by Aslak

September 29, 2008 at 10:48

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