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Old People and Computers…

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I once used half an hour trying to teach one of my colleagues how to use tabs in Internet Explorer, without luck. Of course this was after I couldn’t convince her to start using Mozilla Firefox first. I’ve also explained half of my colleagues half a dozen times how to change the keyboard language, because they somehow manage to change it again and again. They can’t distinguish spam and phising attemts from real mail, they can’t transfer music from their computers to their MP3-players or pictueres from their cameras to their computers, they can’t even google anything. Now, imagine all the other things I run around the office trying to show them! There is no end to it!

Why do I say this? Because I’m afraid… These people, both old and younger, has been around since the start of computers. They’ve had oppertunities unlike me to understand and learn computers from scratch. Yes, I’m born with a computer in my hand, but these people could really learn from from the start of it all. However they don’t know “dipshit”… 

But what is going to happen with me? What if I end up being like them in 50 years time. I’ll be aging and old, dying perhaps, in 50 years. What if I can’t understand anything of those cool, super-machines in the future (yes, I’m guessing they will be that)? Computers able of doing crazy, unimaginable things in comparison to what we have today. Look at how important computers are at this time and age, it will probably become more and more important, and in the end we won’t even be able to open a can of beans (or whop-ass for that sake) without using a computer. 

It saddens me… that the possibility that I’m going to become like my colleagues is even there. I wrote in a previous post that one of my few reason to stop smoking was because I wanted to experience the future of computers. I wonder now if I want to retract that comment… Maybe I should smoke even more, so I don’t end up like an old, technology-blind troglodyte, bothering the young’ns.


Written by Aslak

October 7, 2008 at 21:56

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