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A Short Comment on the Mumbai Terror Actions

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I have been to Mumbai, and I’ve seen the Taj Mahal Hotell (which is/was very beautiful, but a bit “over the edge”), and I’ve been to Viktoria Terminus (the train station) and even Café Leopold (which had a strange but delightful beef steak)! I’ve actually been to half of the locations attacked. Yet, I still feel strangely alienated from this event. Pictures with blodspatters, bloody dragmarks, wounded people, crying people, buildings on fire, it simply doesn’t do the trick. I don’t care. Or, I care, but I don’t feel anything about it. I find it more fascinating than sad, I’d like to analyze it more than cry over it. I’d like to learn why and how. This is one of these strange emotional-situations I don’t understand. Everything points towards me caring. I even know some people down there (as far as I know they are ok).

When I was in Mumbai we had a taxi driver we “bought” for 2 days. He drove us here and there and all over the place, and suddently he starts talking about a guy: Uddhav Thackeray. He is the leader of the political mafia-party Shiv Sena, meaning army of Shiva. They are what you call Hindu Nationalists. Basically they are fascist towards the muslims in India (and esspecially the Maharashtra area). They want them out, and they don’t care if they have to hurt them to get them out. And they also have enough power in Mumbai to decide that all stores will close within the hour if they find that neccessary. Our taxidriver (if I remember correctly he was called Lakshman) loved this man and his organization. He supported them. And in my eyes he were no better than the Zionists in Israel or a member of the early Hitler Jugend. He was uneducated, and probably didn’t understand, but this still doesn’t justify what he supported. Stupidity is not an excuse. This Nationalist ideology is slowly taking over large and important parts of India: The police force and the military is already slowly turning more and more Hindu Nationalist, treating muslims like annoying flies and discriminating to the verge of social terror. It is sad, really, that this nation, made with its pure ideals and religious secularism have ended up being this… corrupted and destroyed. It is so beautiful (and horrible) and incredible. But it’s all going downhill.

Mix this with the problems that occured when British India was divided into West- and East-Pakistan (now Bangladesh), India and Kashmir, and the ongoing war in Kashmir and you suddently get a bigger picture. I am not saying what the terrorists in Mumbai are doing is okay, but muslims have been surpressed and treated cruelly for a long time, especially in that area. India is a nation with a lot of problems, and the India-Pakistani tension does not ease these problems at all.

Both Pakistan and India, Hindus and Muslims (and Sikhs for that sake) have a lot of bad blood stained on their shirts. Still I really feel that the remaining muslims NOT supporting the terror actions in Mumbai is being critizised to harshly. They are not all Islamists. They are not all terrorists. They are not all evil spawns of the devil, like the media often pictures them to be. I think this is the saddest part of it all, really. And it’s the same all over the world. Whenever a muslim does something stupid they blame the religion. Whenever a christian does something bad they justify it by saying it is for the sake of democracy.

Good luck to you non-terrorist, non-fascist people of all kinds in Mumbai. Gambatte!


Written by Aslak

November 28, 2008 at 15:24

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