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Winter-Een-Mas Game List 1/4 – RPG

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In the spirit of Winter-Een-Mas (don’t know what it is? Check my previous blog post) I’ve decided to finally post a list of my favorite games of all time, which I’ve been working on for quite a while. I couldn’t decide which games where the best ones, so I’ve divided them into 4 different sections. Starting the whole shabang will be the RPG (Role Playing Game) section, which really just contains Fallout… more on that later.

I’ve been a gamer for about as long as I can remember, and I’ve played my share of games. I’ve never been one of those guys playing the same game over a period of 5 years or anything, so I consider myself an all-around gamer. Personally I think I’m a pretty good all-arounder, and I take pleasure in the thought that I’ve experenced so many different games in my life.

Thats a problem when you make a list like this, because you are sure to forget a game or two, but I’ve tried my best. I can say this already: I don’t do sport games or racing games, I don’t play much X-Box (sadly) and I don’t have access to Playstation 3. The PC is my platform, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

I will shortly present 12 games (actually a few more htan 12, but 12 main games) over the next four days, give a short review of them, and also present a theme based list of “Other (Really) Important Games In My Life”.

Fallout 1
A beautiful game, specked full of everything an RPG needs: a dark and enchanting story, entertaining and funny plot, randomness beyond anything I’ve encountered in a computer game, and enough ways to get to finish that you can play it through a couple of times without getting bored and doing the same thing over and over again. This is the One True RPG of my life, and personally I think it is one of those games you have to play before you can allow yourself to be called a gamer. I’ve played through it a couple of times now, and even now it is one of the best games I’ve ever played (even if the graphics is really low, and most people doesn’t like the combat system).

Fallout 2
A good follow up from the first game. Sometimes more stressful and annoying than the first, but there is no doubt that this is a good game. They use the same engine as the first one as far as I understand and see, with some tweaks, but this game is undoubtedly longer and bigger, and somewhat more beautiful.

(Since I’ve given a short review on the first Fallout games, I feel I need to mention the other two, even if I don’t think they deserve to be on this list:

Fallout 3
I didn’t like this game that much really. It’s too Oblivion for me, and I didn’t like what they did to the Fallout Universe. If they had put it in another setting, or just called it something else and removed PipBoy I think I could have liked it. I know almost everybody that likes RPGs loved this, but I think somehow that is just because they don’t dare to say that they didn’t like it. Or something like that.
Fallout Tactics
Fallout Tactics takes away most of the RPG-factor in the Fallout series. I liked it in the start but got tired of it pretty fast. If you like the combat system in the two first Fallout games however you should try it. And its also a follow up on the story, which is great.)

I do like RPGs, I’ve played it in pen and paper version for quite a long time and I’ve played a lot of PC-RPGs, but my biggest problem is that you can never really role play. You always have to go for the hack-and-slash, munchkin kind of game, and that annoyes me, because it isn’t a real RPG when you have to do that, its just a talkative version of a shooting game. I wish I could have put more RPGs on this list, but sadly I can’t make myself do it. It would simply be wrong.

I hope RPGs will become better and more open in the future – which I believe they will – but untill I can play a riddiculessly useless gnome and manage in some magical, strange and creative way to save the princess or whoever you have to save, it just won’t do for me.

On another Winter-Een-Mas-note: I tried Spelunky yesterday, and I died about 10 times without really doing anything of notice, before giving up for the day. Then I was harshly killed by flat soldiers in Multiwinia (appearantly I’m not the flattest), but managed to regain my gaming-self-confidence by killing loads and loads of aliens, spiders and zombies in Crimsonland. After 10 minutes of playing Plain Sight I had lost all sense of direction and almost fell of my chair in total confusion and fascination (while making cute robot noises), so I changed to Walkie Tonky and got stuck on all the skyscrapers. Ouch.

Other (really) important RPG-games in my life:

  • Diablo 1 (Hack and Slash RPG)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Final Fantasy 4
  • Mass Effect
  • Eve Online (MMORPG)

Thats it for today.


Written by Aslak

January 27, 2009 at 17:00

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