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Winter-Een-Mas Game List 4/4 – FPS2

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This is my last post in this theme based posting spree, and in it I will just rant on about some random stuff I am thinking about the whole game-world and stuff like that and present the leftovers on my list. They are the worst games on the list, which means they are pretty damn good, but not as good as the ones listed in the previous posts, but I didn’t feel like leaving them out.

I’ve been checking out different lists of “best games ever”, to see if I’ve forgotten any in my list, and I’ve been shocked every time. Its really wierd that some of these games are in these lists, but what really upsets me is that usually you have this one game in the top 10, which is: TETRIS! WTF!? How can you even compare Tetris to Starcraft, HL or Fallout!? You must be insane and stupid… Yeah, I know people play it, but we are talking about the quality of the game, not how many people play it. People play it because they don’t know or understand the pleasures of real games. People who doesn’t have mails (I know there are still people out there like that) play this game. Luddites play this. Geez…

Computer games is a great thing, and a dangerous one. Reality in it’s purest form is one that is defined by more than one reality, just like an argument has to be defined by multiple facts, but you must ask yourself: when will reality seem less real than virtual reality? So I link this TED-talk on videogames again, cause it show just how wonderful and how scary this phenomena really is, and because it is a darn good video, and it fits so well into the theme of these posts.

Last ranting: Okay, what is the deal with the whole avatar thing in X-Box 360, PS3 and Wii? They look so horrendously strange and stupid. You couldn’t have made them a little better perhaps? Just look at the pictures in the above link. I rest my case.

The leftovers games:


A really interesting steam-punk, high-magic, first-person shooter. It’s not as great as most of these other games, but it triggered something in me which just makes me… all warm and fuzzy. The sounds in the game is really terrifying, the idea of the Big Daddy and Little Sister wandering around in the hallways looking for corpeses to exploit and crazy, genetically modified people running around lusting to bloody their teeth with your blood and steal your stuff. As with HL you have the crazy scientist whispering in your ear and a hidden story around you to boot. Wonderful, dark, wet and simply great fun to play.

Look out for Bioshock 2. It most likely be out in October (2009). I know I will.

Alien vs. Predator 2

Possibly the game I’ve had the most fun with on LAN-parties. When you are around 10-15 people all playing aliens vs. marines its a breathtaking-pulse-raising-adrenaline kick like few games manage to create. The single player campaign for marines is also really good, although I didn’t like the Alien and Predator single player campaigns. Thinking about this brings back good memories, and on several occations I’ve had “deja vus” about this game in real life. And don’t think that this game is as bad as the movies, oh no, this game is way better than them.

Unreal Tournament

I still have the front of the box it came in, with the picture of the trophy on it. It’s hanging on my wall. Its Unreal, at its purest. Play it. M-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-mooooonsterkill! Enough said.

I can see a trend now that I’ve finished this long list: I like sci-fi. I knew that from before, but… with the exeption of the Zombie game I would catagorize all of these games in the sci-fi(-ish) genre… Perhaps even Left 4 Dead could be characterized as a sci-fi game. The only exception is a couple of those “other really important games in my life”. Perhaps this factor has made my top 12-ish list a bit to subjective, but gaming is all personal, right?

Other (really) important “other”-games in my life:

  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Platform-ish Action Adventure)
  • Another World (Platform-Action Adventure)
  • Little Big Adventure (Platform-ish Action Adventure)
  • Cave Story – aka. Doukutsu (Platform-Action Adventure)
  • Gears of War (X-Box 360 FPS) – I’ve never felt as much as a man as when I played this.

So, yesterday I played Castle Crashers. So. Much. Fun. If I had played it more I would have put it on this list I think, but I don’t feel like I can do that without playing it through. But: So! Much! Fun!

That is about it… Happy Winter-Een-Mas. I hope you’ve fragged enough and defeated some personal highscores these couple of days.

(PS: hopefully, one day, when I have more experence with them, I will write something about those wonderful Indie-games that I’ve been playing since I discovered Rock, Paper, Shotgun.)


Written by Aslak

January 30, 2009 at 17:00

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