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Micro fiction – “Mechanical Nausea”

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I’ve been writing a micro fiction this last month, and naturally I’ve had some writers block some times, so I was googling around for inspiration and found this article, which didn’t provide any inspiration, but a lot of laughs and fascination. Especially “Computer, did we bring batteries? Computer?” ( – Eileen Gunn) entertained me. Just had to share it.

The micro fiction I’ve been writing can be found here: it’s called “Mechanical Nausea”. I decided not to post it in this blog, because its about 2500 words, and that takes some space. But make sure you check in on the “mikrofiksjon” blog some times in the future, I predict there might be some cool/funny/fascinating/cute texts there.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned that I have been reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. I know that the story is somewhat similar, but I had already outlined what would happen before I started reading the book. Any similarity is therefore coincidental

I hope you will read it and that you will like it. And, as any professional author (..?) would do I give my thanks to Amanda for listening to me for hours talking about writing this, trying not to reveal anything to her (in other words, talking in incomprehensible codes) and Gorm for getting me into this and correcting me when I did something wrong.


Written by Aslak

February 28, 2009 at 12:15

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